"The Teachings of Surtoma as experienced first-hand with Jerry Mulvin."

"Withour Prejudice"


Have you ever wondered why all these "out-of-body" teachings have their roots in India? That these Satsang religions all worship some variation of the name Sat Nam? Satsang religions with their "living masters" like Gakko, a spiritual essence that traveled from the city of Retz, on the planet Venus, to Earth, six million years ago?? That all these Satsang religions in India predate Judaism and Christianity?

Did you know that while there is a being who answers to the name Fubbi Quantz, that Rebazar Tarz is a literary invention of Paul Twitchell, founder of Eckankar?1 (1) Lane, David Christopher (2006). Eckankar in Introduction to New and Alternative Religions in America (ed Eugene V. Gallagher and W. Michael Ash craft) Volume 3: Metaphysical, New Age, and Neopagan Movement. Greenwood Press. page 115.) [I find it interesting that Twitchell has "witch" and "hell" in his name. And Sat Nam laughs, and the demons laugh with him.]

Sat Nam is the great deceiver. Satnam is Satan, derived from the Sanskirt language, where Sat Nam means "Truth Eternal". (Sat is defined as being; real; that which really exists; the real existent truth. Whereas Nam is defined as to bow; to submit or subject oneself. (All this can be easily verified on any search engine.)

Satnam is the father of all religions and spiritual teachings. Satnam is the father of the soul, and the creator of The Trap and everything within. Everything is designed to deceive the seekers, the fallen angels who want to return Home, and bring them "back into line". Yes, Satnam wants to keep the seekers from the truth of who they are, why they are here, and how to get back Home.

Satnam wants your mind tightly connected to his soul. He wants you, the mind, to believe that you are the soul. That is why almost every religion and spiritual teaching on the planet teaches that you are soul and the mind is the problem. It's a great deception, and works perfectly, until "proof" to the contrary comes along.

Satnam wants you to "believe" that he is the true creator, God. He says that we should worship no other god (because he is a jealous god). Satnam says that there is no god higher than he; that he is the true saviour. So in the Bottomless pit, the container, Satnam plays god, saying, "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil."

Yes, Satnam is the god of fear and destruction, of pain and suffering, of lies and deceptions, of anger and hatred, etcetera. Satnam is the father of the evil soul, and the creator of The Trap (Egg) and all the worlds within. Satnam is oh so seductive and satisfying; submission is so thrilling.

Satnam wants to keep you away from the knowledge that you are mind, created in the image of the Living God: Mind. For in that day when you become "awake", knowing the soul of good & evil, and put forth your hand and eat from the Tree of Life, you shall break his hypnotic spell and Live for ever.

It should be the responsibility, and is, of every seeker to find out the truth for his-herself. Open your eyes about these Masters, Guides and Spiritual Leaders, hypnotists teaching self hypnotism. Jerry is using the kundalini serpent power, and his "secrets", to fill your soul with imagery and then raise that imagery out of your soul and project it into your mind just as the hypnotist uses the kundalini serpent power on the people on stage to make them believe and do what he tells them. Ready, BEGIN! is the command in the workshops.

{ Oh no, a psychic split. HYPNOTISM! quick, run to the Wizard and ask him if it is true? People, fear not; don't be afraid to pull back the curtain and look for yourself.}

Satnam's deception includes the daily practice of meditation: the empowering of one's soul. Whenever the seeker has a personal experience with the soul, it strengthens the soul and weakens the will of the mind. Then when something challenges the beliefs and experiences stored in the soul, the soul attacks the mind and steals away such thoughts, usually by the process of rationalization.

It is amazing what Jerry can do. "WOW!", you are having experiences that were impossible to have on your own, or in any teaching before. He can project the kundalini serpent power at you, and into your soul, and deceive your mind. You are having "experiences" like you have never had before; learning things you have never even heard of before. That beautiful blue ball with those golden filaments. Why he can even project imagery into your mind, like making himself "look younger", as he did to deceive the man from India that he is the Master and thus joined the teaching.

After a while you accept and believe almost anything you are told.

You should know, from your own personal experiences, that if you study and think about anything long enough, you eventually see it in your dreams. The soul animates its imagery and the mind sees it through the window of the soul, and becomes pulled through the window and into the "action" on the other side. It is by this very technique whereby you experience sexual situations, fighting, demons, saints, masters, UFO's, etcetera. Boost up the kundalini serpent power and it becomes just as real as life itself; you wake up wondering sometimes if it was real or not. Ah, the white light of the kundalini serpent power is oh so magical. You want all your dreams to be so "lucid".

Satnam wants you to practice raising the kundalini serpent because it gives the soul extra power to bind your mind to it (karmic imagery). The student is told they can become a Master, a superman like Jerry. It's all a clever deception, until you understand what is really going on. Satnam creates demons like Jerry to be the gods of the lower astral (psychic realms), to keep the seeker away from the truth and believing the lie. Satnam only creates masters to bring you back to the side of the Pit (Sahr) to serve and worship him; or, if you aren't ready, to hold you here in the Trap (Egg) to suffer on the karmic wheel of rebirth until you submit. The kundalini serpent power, what Jerry and other masters call "the God Force", is an integral part of all deceptions.

The workshops and the kundalini serpent power becomes addictive through the soul's stored imagery. However, join Eckankar, and 3 months in, when Harold Klemp (the Master, the Mahanta - the Living Eck Master) gives you your First Initiation (Second Initiation is 2 years later) in the dream state, where he comes and takes you up to the White Light of the Upper Astral, and then maybe, you will question Jerry's experience of the darkness of the dream state where you always see him.

Father Satnam is the only one who can raise the kundalini serpent to the crown chakra, and only does so in those who truly, sincerely, and completely submit to his will. The masters and anyone else who have had the kundalini serpent raised to the crown chakra by their leader, Satnam, are just like you, fallen angels in disguise. After all, Jerry didn't have a Master raise his kundalini serpent - did he?

To the servants of Satnam, sexuality is the primary aspect of the kundalini serpent because it lays coiled up in the Pod at the base of the spine. (Now you know why you have a propensity for pornography, and Jerry does nothing to help you: why he even has the same problem. Most all his student do - he told me so.)

You see, the energy of the orgasm that creates another human life can be used, by those in the know, to advance and empower the soul. (Now you know what's going on in the Church, and why most victims are boys.)

Your first initiation into Satnam's world was conducted at the on-set of puberty - "the wet dream". From then on Satnam quickens the soul's power, putting the mind in a subservient role, putting it to sleep in the affairs of this world and under the control of the soul's ego. (The bigger the ego, the more self-righteous the person becomes, and the easier it is for the soul to rule.) Then, unless some "life altering event" happens, and starts the mind questioning and wondering and seeking, the person just plays out their life and dies, none the wiser.

The third eye is not just a window into the soul, but a doorway though which demons, so-called masters, can gain access to your mind. Do you not remember your beginnings with "passive meditation", and the opening of your third eye by yourself? Do you not remember the beings, demons, masters and other who were there? Do you not remember wishing to see certain things and then there they were? That is why Jerry tells you that he "protects" you here in the physical, while out of the body, and in the dream state. He tells you that if you are in trouble in the dream state just call on "SURTOMA" and Jerry appears and stops the imagery of soul.

That is why, during Jerry's recent psychic attack on myself, I had to call out to the Living God for help, and He sent an angel to protect me from the demon Jerry. The same demon I saw during "the connection".  Evil looks after its followers, just as the Living God looks after his children.

You have given Jerry written permission to do what he likes; to come and go into your soul as he pleases. You have given him "written permission", accepting him as your "guide". The soul, that is your Akashic Record Book, filled with all your Karmic Imagery: past, present, and probable future. It is inside the soul body where you travel to the Soul Realm and into the tunnel, up the stairs and down the hall to the pulpit where lays your Book. It is inside the souls body, the creation of Satnam where you can meet with the elliptical orb of golden energy and have a personal relationship for guidance and support. Satnam is connected to your soul because it is his creation; it envelops your mind.

The soul is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Turn from the kundalini serpent power of Satnam unto the love of the Living God. Become "wise" about the "serpent", and as harmless as God.

Jerry is a superior demon, always in the darkness of the lower astral psychic realms and the twilight of Sahr. He didn't raise the kundalini serpent by his own efforts, he swore allegiance to Satnam and Satnam raised it. Maybe the psychic realms of the lower astral or the side of the Bottomless Pit, Sahr, is for YOU! If it is just swear allegiance to Satnam, offer total obedience, worshipping Satnam as the true god, completely submit to do his will, and start chanting "Sa-ta Na-ma" which is the prayer to Satnam to raise the kundalini serpent. IF THIS IS NOT FOR YOU, then write a letter of resignation to Jerry, and get to work on the True Path back Home, here >>> .