"The Teachings of Surtoma as experienced first-hand with Jerry Mulvin."

"Withour Prejudice"


First: a little background information.

Thousands of years ago, the Hebrew people partook in Human sacrifice (as the story of Abraham and his son testify). From time to time they worshipped idols (as the story of Moses testifies). By the time Jesus arrived on the scene, a huge percentage of the population were possessed by devils and demons (as the Four Gospels testify). So what do you think the situation is today?

Today, just as down through the ages, ALL people are possessed by the evil soul within: "none are good". Added to this possession by the soul, are the attraction of other devils and demons to the populous, like attracting like, and by us knowingly and unknowingly giving evil permission to enter and dwell with us.

As I mentioned in The Connection, and in Psychic Attacks, Jerry is a devil of Sat Nam's. But what I didn't mention at that time was that during the attack, when I called on God for help and he sent the Angel, Jerry was surrounded by 2 or 3 shorter, blackish, cloud-like demons.

You do remember giving Jerry written permission to be your Guide; which allows him to come and go into your soul, and thereby influence or terrorize your mind?

At one point in the teaching we were being taught to travel to Sahr and find our body which is there and start forming a connection with it. (Is the "light" going on yet?) I did so and talking with Jerry he confirmed my body had a human appearance and was black in color. He specifically ask what color the body was when I told him I had found it. THIS is not your Sahrian body, YOU ARE MIND, this is an evil entity waiting to merge with your soul here!

I'm sure I'm not the only one Jerry told, but at one time while I was in the teaching Jerry told me that he had let Satnam use his physical body for 2 weeks. (This should have been a Red Flag.)

Jerry Mulvin is a former high initiate in Eckankar. The Teachings of Surtoma are based on the same Sat Sang teachings from India as are those of Eckankar. Harold Klemp and Jerry Mulvin were both High Initiates in Eckankar. It would be worth your time to read the information on the following website: scroll about a 1/4 down the page to the title "A former high initiate in Eckankar describes a demonic attack" . . . an Occult is an Occult is an Occult, it doesn't matter what the Name is - even Religions are Occults. All Religions and Spiritual Teachings are created by Satnam, Satan, to hold you in the Trap (The Egg) and the Bottomless Pit (The Container).

Just men: Harold Klemp (Farmer) and Jerry Mulvin (Professional Bowler) both became Masters. Why can't you?