"The Teachings of Surtoma as experienced first-hand with Jerry Mulvin."

"Withour Prejudice"


Jerry Mulvin says on his website, "The student will study the discourses in Book 1 and Book 2 and learn about Meditation techniques, Kundalini and the Chakras that allows them to unfold at their own unique rate. By doing the techniques as taught by Surtoma, you are able to develop an out-of-body perspective, and then make use of the results to prove karma and reincarnation to your self via direct experience. It is in this way you are able to discover yourself as Soul." (

But as you have learned in the teaching, or read on this website, YOU ARE NOT THE SOUL, you drop off the soul body on the soul realm on the way back to your "origin," which isn't your origin either. What a web of deception.

The claims of the teaching, according to the website are:

(1) Soul has journeyed countless lifetimes in search of its way back home to its origin.
(2) You are able to discover yourself as Soul.
(3) Aware of being Soul functioning through a human.
(4) It will help you to better manage your affairs by not being the emotional affect.
(5) Assists you in becoming cause in your universe rather than the emotional/mental effect.
(6) Soul comes to the physical universe in order to work out karma, unfold spiritually, and develop the necessary tools to lead a fulfilling life.
(7) It is the responsibility of each Soul to find its way back to its Origin.
(8) Soul has a destiny to discover who and what it is.
(9) The discourses are totally based on my own out-of-body explorations and a little worldly research - WHAT? Why wouldn't Sat Nam, who Jerry is connected to, have supplied everything? Maybe after this it will "change" after his "present state of consciousness" or his "inner perception" changes, just like it has over the course of his career as a spritual disciple of Satan.

Jerry says on the website, "With the onset of new generations of souls being brought into this world and many from other worlds, it is my inner perception that has made the decision to make all of these discourses public."

Jerry makes this claim, "After numerous opportunities of meeting with saints, teachers, masters, etc., Soul has gone through baptisms, initiations, secret ceremonies, and many other mystical rites." If this is true, which it is - and who created all these deceptions, SAT NAM, me thinks there is A LOT of Karma to be worked off. Many lifetimes of accumulating Karma and one lifetime to work it all off - Do you really believe this?

Then Jerry makes the statement, "I have also updated them to bring them into my present state of consciousness." He's the so-called MASTER; he's the Spiritual Guide back on Sahr; he is connected to Sat Nam; Why is his consciousness constantly changing over the years? Shouldn't he already know, after all its been 40 years now since he's been involved in soul travel, AND he's Connected to Sat Nam, the so-called creator of everything.

Jerry says, "Surtoma teaches his students the subtle movement of the inner consciousness, the Soul body." I presume that is the same "consciousness" above where he says his is apparently "changing." Then Jerry says, "As you explore the human consciousness as Soul," - so there are two consciousnesses, one is human and the other is soul. But as we already learned, we are not soul, we are something trapped inside the soul body, something that can only be released by Fubbi's staff!

You see, when you take a good hard look at the teaching, and Jerry, there is something wrong.

I think this statement of Jerry's summs up his teaching, and any religion or spiritual teaching quite well, "Secrets and long forgotten truths have been kept from the masses in order to have POWER and CONTROL over them."


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