"The Teachings of Surtoma as experienced first-hand with Jerry Mulvin."

"Withour Prejudice"

SURTOMA - Jerry Mulvin

Jerry Mulvin, a.k.a. SURTOMA brought his knowledge from Eckankar and started "The Divine Science of Light and Sound," which then became "Out-of-Body Exploration," and then it changed to "Inner Sanctuary," and now it's called "The Teachings of Surtoma."

The transition being from an off-shoot of Eckankar to his teaching of what lies beyond the Light & Sound (And as I will shown here in this Website, there is something beyond what Jerry is teaching.) However, in the transition from new name to new name much has been left out or changed.

Jerry has gone from being "The Master" to being "The Guide." (If it is a teaching, and you are a student, wouldn't he be a teacher?) The teaching has gone from taking souls back to the Soul Realm, to taking "special beings" back to Sahr while leaving the "others," whom the members refer to as EGG-HEADS, behind or dropping them off on the Soul Realm on the way out. (Jerry once told a student that even though the student wasn't from Sahr, that he could take him back. The student was a close friend of mine.) Now the teaching is about "the spiritual relationship between Soul and Surtoma."

The interesting thing is that the so-called "soul body" is dropped off on the Soul Realm as one leaves the Egg to return to Sahr. So what is going to Sahr? Not the soul. (I wonder if any of the students ever thought about that?)

I have personally seen Jerry become 10 years younger, in a workshop, for an Indian student. When I asked Jerry, "Why did you do that, you didn't become any younger, you just put that imagery in our minds?" Jerry replied, "It's what he needed." Later Jerry told me this Indian student sends him "what little money he can every month"; to which he added, "Bless his little heart." (After he had done the Kundalini trick of putting the imagery in our minds, he just as quickly washed it from our consciousness. However, he can't wash it from the soul and on the ride home it all came back to me.)

SURTOMA is Jerry's spiritual name. Every student gets a spiritual name that is suppose to be your name on Sahr.

Surtoma is a blue ball with golden filaments. The golden filaments are suppose to form the connection between Surtoma and your soul body. (I never, nor talked to anyone where they saw this happen during the "Connection".)

I have seen this blue ball twice. Once during meditation, and once while fully conscious when it appeared an arm's length away. Both times it was lucid and in full color, and I must say, it looks very beautiful. I had never seen it before joining the teaching, nor after when I resigned.

During the dream state or in workshops I never saw this blue ball. During the dream state all I ever saw was Jerry's physical form, and, never saw him anywhere but in the darkness of the lower astral. Signing up as a student, we unknowingly gave him permission to enter our consciousness and dream state. One time in a nightmare I called on Surtoma and Jerry appeared in the nightmare which became frozen, like the "pictures" they really are. He walked towards me looking at the frozen images and said, "Well, that's quite the thing you got going on here," and I woke up.

In all the years I belonged to the "teaching" I never once saw Jerry in the dream state where we weren't in the lower astral. When I belonged to Eckankar, Harold Klemp came into my dream state and took me to the upper astral realm, and like a student of Jerry's said in a workshop, "I've never seen anything more beautiful than the upper astral." (On the upper astral were many Eckists who waved at Harold, The Mahanta.) Eckankar is another deception where the highest one can go is the upper astral, after all, they are opening the "heart chakra."

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