"The Teachings of Surtoma as experienced first-hand with Jerry Mulvin."

"Withour Prejudice"


We are Mind. Karma (cause and effect) is just the fate producing film clips of the soul which creates and controls our destiny: life's experiences adding to and altering this karmic imagery.

Jerry Mulvin says on his website (Book 1 page), "Soul comes to the physical universe in order to work out karma, unfold spiritually, and develop the necessary tools to lead a fulfilling life." But he also tells you that "the soul body is dropped-off on the "Ledge" to exit the "Egg" and return to Sahr. So, YOU ARE NOT soul.

You did not come to the physical to work out Karma. Here is where the karma you were given with that soul body, that was wrapped around your mind, creates a physical life of creating even more karma to bind you even tighter to the soul.

You know that with Karma there is "good karma" and there is "bad karma." Both bind you to the soul and the wheel of reincarnation. Have you been working-off your "good karma"? Have you been working-off your "bad karma"?

Stop for a moment and think about all the Karma, good & bad, in this life alone. You couldn't hope to work it off even if you do work off some in the "dream state." Never mind the hundreds of lifetimes gone past.

Come on guys, don't believe these Karma lies.

Working-off Karma would be making Karma about working-off Karma - wouldn't it?

Karma is nothing but the fate producing imagery stored inside the soul, and re-arranged by the soul's imagination to create wonderful new experiences, good & bad, for you to experience. Reading all those books built the "spiritual imagery" which Jerry is now captializing on, while he feeds you even more imagery to hold you in check.

The Mind