"The Teachings of Surtoma as experienced first-hand with Jerry Mulvin."

"Withour Prejudice"


The Bible is an historical record book of communication with the unseen: God, Jesus, devils, demons, Satan (Sat Nam), angels good and evil. In the Book of James, chapter 2, verse 19, we read,

"Brethren, thou believest
that there is one God;
thou doest well:
the devils also believe,
and tremble.

Where is the love in The Teachings of Surtoma? Do you remember reading on this website in the "Letter To Jerry Mulvin" about the audio tape of love songs I sent him and he never even listened to them, he said, "No, not interested." Or how about on the "Psychic Attacks" web page where Jerry said to me, in a sarcastic voice, "Do you know why she (the Angel) is protecting you?", to which he added, "Because she LOVES you."

Sat Nam, Jerry, and the others, do not love God; they do not love others; they don't even love those who love them (poor Lynn, where was the love in her hour of need). God is Love, and they were cast out from Other Earth, by God, for their rebellion, and they are mad at God. So of course there is no love, and they are not interested in hearing about love (thus the psychic attack for the Letter To Jerry Mulvin where I said, "Love you Jerry. But more importantly is that your Father, the Living God, loves you.") LOVE is like shinning a bright light into their eyes; they turn away and get mad.

Love was the main message of Jesus' teachings: love God, and love thy neighbour as thy self. God is Love and that is the way back Home.

Love is not by the written word, or spoken by the tongue, love is in deed and truth. Love is without a false display of feelings, attitudes, or intentions. Love is without the concealment of one's thoughts, feelings, or characters. There is no greater love than laying down one's Life on Other Earth for our friends caught up in this evil world of Sat Nam's.

Sat Nam is the creator of the Egg, the trap; but not Sahr or the container (the bottomless pit). Sat Nam is the creator of the soul body, which holds you imprisoned by its Karmic Imagery; but Sat Nam is not the creator of YOU, the mind.

There is a truth in what you have learned, but that truth has been cloaked in a deception of lies. While you have been involved in The Teachings of Surtoma, your love has waxed cold and you have become haughty.

You have chosen to become a member, to submit your self to Surtoma and his teachings; you even signed a form with Jerry, giving him permission to take control.

Sat Nam has been at his "craft" for thousands of years. He has a variety of religious and spiritual deceptions in your soul to lead you astray. Take heed; be deceived no longer. You are the fallen angels who have been seeking the way back Home, but you have become caught up in Sat Nam's web of religion and spiritual teachings.

Look around at this world; take a real long and hard look outside your world of reality. What kind of a creator would build such a painful, evil world of decomposition, death and destruction, unless he wanted to condition you into doing anything to get out of here? Certainly not a God of Love; he created Sahr.

Jerry Mulvin, in his living room; Harold Klemp, standing on that bridge; Darwin Gross, Paul Twitchell, and the dozens of other "Satsang" Masters, down through the ages, became Masters because the finally realized that Sat Nam is Satan and sacrificed themselves to him. And where is Paul Twitchell? - on the Astral, reading books.

Deceptions and lies; is that what you desire? Or do you want to return to your true Home?

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has entered into the souls of men, the things which God has prepared for them that love him. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but the Spirit of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

The free choice is still yours. There are no memberships. There are no fees. There are no initiations. May Peace and Love be multiplied in you.