"The Teachings of Surtoma as experienced first-hand with Jerry Mulvin."

"Withour Prejudice"


To be eligable for "The Connection" you use to have to buy and read two of Jerry's books, and be over 21 years of age: now you have to buy and read only one book and be over 21 years of age. Then you have to attend a workshop, where at lunch he gives The Connection.

At the time of The connection, you sit across from Jerry and he tells you a little of what you might experience. He tells you that one of the golden filaments from his spiritual blue ball will be connected to your soul. Then he uses his Kundalini ability to give you a "Kundalini Bath". Kundalini energy emminates (radiates) from his physical body, no one I know has ever seen this filament, and there is a sort of time-space destortion. You can actually see these "waves" of Kundalini energy - after all, it is a bath. When you are finished he asks you what you saw and then it's over.

Above is what I saw, with once exception which I did not tell Jerry, but did tell my wife, who also got the connection. And to this day I don't know why I stayed in the teaching so many years, I guess it was the mersimerism of the Kundalini energy and the great "out-of-body" experiences I BELIEVED I was having.

Before The Connection I had been focusing at the third eye for many years; having wonderful and beautiful experiences on the lower and upper astral; I even joined Eckankar and had the "First Initiation;" my spiritual eye was quite developed. The reason I left Eckankar and joined Jerry's teaching was that Eckankar people could not get past the fact that the Soul Realm was the all, that there were other realms above, but they were formless realms. I knew they had "settled" for a so-called truth, that there was something beyond all that - and there is, just as there is something beyond what Jerry Mulvin is teaching, something much greater and more wonderful than anyone can imagine: a place where "everything" is ALIVE and Life is enernal (no more reincarnation).

During the Kundalini Bath, the so-called CONNECTION, Jerry's shape changed from his physical to a spiritual form. He grew about 50% taller and 400% bigger and took on the appearance of something VERY EVIL looking. My "child-like innocence" kept him from seeing what I saw after The Connection. Again, I don't know why I stayed in the teaching so long.

Below is a diagram of how Sat Nam (Satan) is Connected to Surtoma, and the students connected to Surtoma. Not quite sure why Surtoma and Satan are connected if Surtoma is the Spiritual Guide back on Sahr, you would think, and Satan is, connect to the souls individually (being so powerful). Surtoma is not connected to you, this is just another "deception".