"The Teachings of Surtoma as experienced first-hand with Jerry Mulvin."

"Withour Prejudice"


In a workshop Jerry Mulvin, a.k.a. Surtoma, mentioned "the Egg" as being a TRAP. He said it was designed by Satnam to "trap the beings" who found their way out of Sahr, such that eventually they could be taken back to Sahr by himself, Surtoma: the so-called "spiritual guide".

Why would you build a "trap," when there is nothing else in the container? Wouldn't the beings just go back to Sahr when they saw the emptiness of the container?

Why would anyone create a "trap" to hold you here for hundreds of lifetimes, being subjected to pain, suffering, violence and torture, lifetime after lifetime? Could it be a "conditioning"? Does it make life on Sahr "look good"? Is Satnam trying to instil in us that there is "no other God be he"?

Is Jerry really the "spiritual guide" on Sahr? If so, then who is running the show while he is away? Or has he now become "omnipresent"? - a god too?

There is way more to this "Teaching of Surtoma" than you are being told; after all, why all the secrets? He tells some students some things, and not the others. He shows some students some things, and not the others. Like turning younger (an illusion) in front of a workshop of students just to "lure" an Indian man into the teaching. "It's what he needed", Jerry told me. Needed for what? To "condition" his Free Will?

Don't get me wrong, this is not just about Jerry and his teaching; ALL MASTERS and SPIRITUAL LEADERS are the servants of Satan whether they know it or not (Jerry knows it, and when confronted directly, on 2 different occasions, he just stared at me without answering.)

There is a whole network of Satnam's Masters and Saints and "whatever you need to follow and believe in", inside the Trap. New means of deception are being created in every generation, like, "NEW AGE", "UFO's", "Theosophy", "Eckankar", etc.  hundreds of cults and occult groups everywhere - something for every one.

Satan (Sat Nam) has been ruling this world since the beginning, when he created it, until the time of Jesus, when Jesus came down from Heaven and brought the true Teachings of God into this evil world. Jesus left Life to enter into death, to educate us on "who we are", "where we are", and "why we are here". At that time, and since that time, Satan (Satnam) and his followers have tried to destroy the true Teachings of God. The best way has been to turn them into a religion and let the souls inside men corrupt the Teachings. Martyrism also is effective to frighten others away. And then, let's not forget "psychic attacks" and good old FEAR.

Inside this TRAP, for hundreds of lifetimes we have been trying to get out. Of course we came in through the top, so logic makes us believe the way out is through the top - but it's not. The "way out" is located on the so-called Soul Plane. The Soul Plane where on your way in, through the top of the EGG, you were given the "soul body" to deceive you and hold you here. The soul with all its good & evil (Karma).

The "soul", a golden bubble, is part of this creation; therefore you can't take it with you on the "way out", so naturally it must be "dropped off" on the Soul Plane on the way out. And thus the "way out" is on the Soul Plane. But that's where you go to see Satnam, on the Soul Plane, in the "Hall of Audiences", and so-called "Mother Kundalini".

Below is a rendering of the Soul Plane. Now if you look to the left side of the Soul Plane you will see a Ledge, and on that Ledge stands a so-called Master, who responds to the name Fubbi Quantz, holding a staff. This is the place of The Way Out of The Egg. You can use this exit point to leave the Egg, and look back and see the EGG hanging there in the darkness. You can also look towards the side of the Bottomless Pit and see what looks like a "wasps nest" on the side of the Pit; that is Sahr. You can also travel up to the "wall" of the so-called "container" (the Bottomless Pit) where there is another ledge to stand on and view the "container" from there. And if you turn around and examine the wall of the container you will see a "crack" in the wall which you can pass through to get out of the Bottomless Pit and see it for what it really is - a prison sustained by FIRE (the kundalini energy). From there you can go to the top of the "BULB", ask the "GUARD" for permission to leave, and enter into the "Waffle Sphere". [This info is in the Chapter: LETTER TO JERRY MULVIN.]

"Fubbi Quantz standing on the ledge knocks you out of the gold bubble with his staff."

"Once out of the gold bubble, you exit through the side of the Trap (Egg)."

From outside the Trap (Egg) you can look back and see the Trap in the darkness, travel up to the ledge on the wall and see the Bottomless Pit with The Trap and Sahr on the side of the Pit, you can slip through the "crack" in the wall to go outside and see the Bottomless Pit and the Fire Energy, and you can travel up and out of the bulb-like structure, and beyond.

Below you can see the inside design of the Trap. There are six (6) Planes or Realms of existence, more than enough to deceive you and keep you "busy for many lifetimes.

This is the world of the dead: a death star. We are living in a universe of death. Sat Nam is not God. Sat Nam is just the most powerful angel, that's why he cannot create anything that from the moment it is created; it is dying (decomposing). Everything here survives on the death of something else: the dying eating the dead. And if you don't want to think about being in the so-called HELL of the Bible, burning in hell, well sorry to break it to you but everything in the Bottomless Pit is sustained by the Kundalini Fire Energy, as a matter of fact YOU are burning right now at 310.15oK (98.6oF). Seen from an energy point of view, everything is on fire. Sat Nam is not God. God creates Life that lasts forever; like your mind created from God's image, Mind; and on Other Earth where nothing dies and there is no death.

When "people" control KNOWLEDGE, they control other people who follow. "Work out your own Salvation," is the Way back home to Life eternal.

Sat Nam's Prison