"The Teachings of Surtoma as experienced first-hand with Jerry Mulvin."

"Withour Prejudice"


At Workshops there were never more than a dozen students, and and seldom any different students. After a while you begin to wonder where these hundreds of students are?

I attended workshops 4 times at Jerry's home in Scottsdale, where I received "The Connection," one workshop just outside San Franscisco and one workshop in upper New York state. I am from near Toronto, Canada. I spoke to Jerry a great many times on the phone over the 5 years.

At the workshops I was seeing things and having experiences which most of his students would then turn to me and ask, "What did you see?" Once a woman from San Franscisco had a very lucid experience and broke down crying because it was so beautiful. (The room went quite until she composed herself. That was a strange reaction; like everyone was afraid of emotions - and Jerry wasn't approving.)

In the worshop Jerry shows you a picture or draws a sketch of where you are going. Then you sit quietly in a chair, close your eyes, relax, and Jerry says, "BEGIN!" That is your command to leave the body and travel to the place he showed you. He says he is helping you out of the body with his energy, but is that what is really happening? If it were, when he wasn't around, you couldn't get out, could you?

This "active meditation," as Jerry refers to it, is just you looking out through the third eye at your pictures AND the pictures he can place there for you to see during the workshop. You never leave the body, unless you're dead. Just like in the dream state you are walking among your imagery with the help of the imagination of the soul, or imagery from some "master" you have given permission, to enter your dream state and consciousness. It's like mind reading where the Medium can read your imagery in your soul, only Jerry also learned from Twitchill how to put imagery into the mind.

Sat Nam created the soul as a Microcosm of the Macrocosom. What that means is that all the realms in the Egg are also in the soul, which encases your mind. Soul travel is just that, travelling inside your soul body. You go nowhere! That is why you open your eyes, and you're BACK.

There are many secrets Jerry is keeping from you. Many truths he is not telling you. Like he said to me, "I'm not going to tell you all my secrets."   AND HE'S NOT!